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You may ask, “why is he always posting what’s for breakfast articles?” Well, I’m constantly hearing from clients, conversations, consultations, etc., on how they are struggling trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast. Or, they don’t know what to eat for breakfast. The first thing I tell them is to eat “REAL FOOD.” Real Food? What do you mean? I eat a bowl of cereal with fat-free milk! That isn’t real food? You’d be surprised in what the vast majority of the public considers breakfast – cereal with fat-free milk, scooped out bagels with cream cheese, a cup of coffee, and nothing!! These are usually the clientele who wants to lose weight, feel better, look better, etc., but, they are so conditioned to eating on the run, not taking the time to enjoy real food. So, I decided to start posting my daily breakfast items. I figured out that rather than telling them, show them how I eat.  it’s like training a new client who is new to exercise – Tell, Show, Do :-)

Tomi Toles Breakfast on Monday

Breakfast or, I should say, eating real food the first thing in the morning is the important thing you can do for the neurotransmitters in your brain. Why not enjoy a sense of mental clarity, energy, and well-being throughout the day without relying on coffee and energy drinks to keep you from crashing around 1pm-4pm?

As you can see, every meal has something from the EYE group. That’s your Proteins. Also included, is a healthy form of a Fat and, a Carb (real carbs like low glycemic fruits). Breads, cereals, etc, are classified as “Non Foods.” See my article on Detoxing part 2 for some more guidelines. Also, go the following links for more information. Enjoy.

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Tomi Toles has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives since he entered the health and fitness industry in 1988. He now lectures and holds workshops throughout the country and in Canada as one of 13 C.H.E.K Faculty members in the world for the prestigious C.H.E.K Institute teaching industry professionals, private clients and at public schools the C.H.E.K philosophy.

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