The Sugar-Coated American

processed foodEvery year, 80 million + Americans “go on a diet.” The amount of weight they lose isn’t even an issue, because 95% of them gain it back (plus some) within 5 years.

We’ve been steadily decreasing our consumption of fat and cholesterol, and yet increasing our incidence of obesity, dis-eases, and death. Since the turn of the century, sugar consumption has increased by 150%. As sugar became a cheap preservative, it became an additive in almost all processed foods, and, as we know, American consumption of processed foods has increased exponentially over the last 50 years.

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Tomi Toles has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives since he entered the health and fitness industry in 1988. He now lectures and holds workshops throughout the country and in Canada as one of 13 C.H.E.K Faculty members in the world for the prestigious C.H.E.K Institute teaching industry professionals, private clients and at public schools the C.H.E.K philosophy.

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