Pain Management

Contrary to popular belief, the systems of the body  work together not in “isolation”!!! So, most of time it’s difficult to know where to begin to “treat“  complex issues that you may be having. So when this happens, you would typically run from to doctors to chiropractors to physical therapists to massage therapists to acupuncture practitioners, and the list goes on…. You see, everyone believes that their system will “fix” you.

There’s no such thing as “back pain” or “knee pain” or “shoulder pain.” The human body is a system of systems!! I’ve heard countless stories from clients who’ve tried everything under the sun to get rid of their “pain“. Most of the time however, it was just a temporary “fix“.

My system uses a “holistic” approach that not only addresses any discomfort and/or inflammatory processes associated from stress and/or physically induced musculoskeletal conditions, but rather addressing the underlying foundational causes that often lead to pain, discomfort, and eventually injuries from the weekend warrior to professional athletes.