Biomedical research

Medical Research … Did You Know?

That medicine is big business, like anything else? The “real” truth about research is that research isn’t about discovering the truth, it’s about the all mighty $$$$. Researchers get paid to look for whatever the group who’s paying them wants them to find. By focusing on the drug company market potentials or trendy money from […]

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Low-Back Pain and Food … Did You Know?

That there are some foods that can cause Low-back Pain? Here’s a list of some of the culprits that can contribute to your Low-Back Pain;  Dairy  Wheat  Sugar  Corn  Soy (oh boy!!!) Due to the structure and function of connective tissue called Fascia, certain foods that contain gluten can be a direct cause of lower […]

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sugar epidemic

The Sugar-Coated American

Every year, 80 million + Americans “go on a diet.” The amount of weight they lose isn’t even an issue, because 95% of them gain it back (plus some) within 5 years. We’ve been steadily decreasing our consumption of fat and cholesterol, and yet increasing our incidence of obesity, dis-eases, and death. Since the turn […]

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understanding and knowledge

Understanding And Knowledge…Did You Know?

There’s a big difference between Knowledge, Information, and Understanding? In our time, we’ve gained enormous Understanding of the natural world through a wealth of Information, but we’ve lost the Knowledge of how we fit into that world. The devotion we give to the world of medicine and drugs is misplaced. Recovery can come from inside of us. We have […]

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hormonal balance

What’s Going On In Your World?

Is it light? Is it dark? Is it Cold, Is it Hot?, Where’s food?, What’s chasing me?, Mating material anyone? These questions are constantly cycling between you, the bacteria, and the environment. All of which, is acquired through sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.The melatonin clocking the hours in 24, trips the prolactin timer to […]

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