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Tomi Toles breakfast for Monday

What’s For Breakfast Monday…

You may ask, “why is he always posting what’s for breakfast articles?” Well, I’m constantly hearing from clients, conversations, consultations, etc., on how they are struggling trying to figure out what to eat for breakfast. Or, they don’t know what to eat for breakfast. The first thing I tell them is to eat “REAL FOOD.” […]

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Tomi Toles breakfast on Friday

What’s For Breakfast Friday…

Well, here’s my next breakfast selection to start my day. Granted I had to get up a little earlier than usual to prepare and eat this delicious meal. This meal was ingested around 5:30 am and lasted until 12:30pm. However, I did snack on a few raw nuts and coconut water during the morning to […]

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You Don’t Know Fat!

So, you think you know all about fat because you read it in an article? Or, your doctor (just for your information, most doctors get about 2-3 hours on nutritional education throughout their many  years in college) told you fat especially saturated fat was bad for you? You’ve been told that saturated fats clogs your […]

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Real Breakfast for Tomi Toles

What’s For Breakfast?

First off, if you’re not eating a healthy breakfast, you are setting yourself up for disaster for the rest of the day. You see, a healthy breakfast that has Protein, Fats, and Carbs (the good ones of course), helps your neurotransmitters in the brain. Gives you sustained energy (no need for Coffee, Red Bull, or, […]

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microwave oven

10 Reason’s Why You Should Throw Out Your Microwave

12 May Here’s some information that I will share with you. I hope that you will find this an eye-opening experience and, hopefully, you will throw out your beautiful microwave oven. Personally, I’ve been microwave-free since 2003 (after my first day in the CHEK Exercise Coach 5-day advanced training workshop). That was my own personal eye-opening […]

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The Menopausal Female Part 2

In Part 1, I talked about the importance of weight training to increase and maintain bone mass as well as reducing the risks associated with menopause. In this continuation, I will discuss briefly one of the many challenges that the Menopausal Female faces daily. Let’s talk about diet. When it comes to diet, most women in […]

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Low-Back Pain and Food … Did You Know?

That there are some foods that can cause Low-back Pain? Here’s a list of some of the culprits that can contribute to your Low-Back Pain;  Dairy  Wheat  Sugar  Corn  Soy (oh boy!!!) Due to the structure and function of connective tissue called Fascia, certain foods that contain gluten can be a direct cause of lower […]

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sugar epidemic

The Sugar-Coated American

Every year, 80 million + Americans “go on a diet.” The amount of weight they lose isn’t even an issue, because 95% of them gain it back (plus some) within 5 years. We’ve been steadily decreasing our consumption of fat and cholesterol, and yet increasing our incidence of obesity, dis-eases, and death. Since the turn […]

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